Wednesday, September 28, 2005

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Just wanted to let let everyone know that 1000 people have visited this site with over 2500 page views. Just wanted to thank everyone for checking out my site and to feel free to let me know what you think about it or how I can make it better- especially if you know html let me know.

Station 43 on Scene at the Library

Some members of Station 43 partcipated in an outing at the West End Library. This was a good opportunity for the township to see what it is we do- or in Frank's case what we shouldn't do. Thanks to Lt. Tom Weiss and his wife Patti for the photos.

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Since Frank can't run a blue light yet he thought he would try a smiley face on his head to have people get out of his way
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Interesting Article

Nice to see Frank Tatusko can take a beat down

Effort man gets jail for fatal accident


Pocono Record Writer

An Effort man was sentenced Monday to 22 to 52 months in Monroe County Correctional Facility after pleading guilty to killing a Stroudsburg man in Effort in 2004 while driving drunk underage with a suspended license.

Christopher Van icky, 21, the son of a retired New York police officer and New York paramedic, apologized before being sentenced by county Judge Jerome Cheslock as his family looked on.

"I never meant to hurt anyone," said Vanicky, who was charged also with simple assault against a volunteer firefighter at the accident scene on Jan. 24, 2004.

Vanicky's 1999 Hyundai was heading south on Route 115 that day when he lost control while going around a curve, crossed into the oncoming lane and struck head-on a 1995 Toyota driven by Darryl Ball, 52, police said.

Ball was pronounced dead at the scene.

His common-law wife's daughter, Jennifer Jeppson, 15, and his daughter, Shannon Ball, 10, were flown to Lehigh Valley Hospital. His son, Drew Ball, 15, was taken to Pocono Medical Center.

Firefighters had to extricate Vanicky and his passenger, Travis Koehler, 19, of Effort, both of whom were also flown to Lehigh Valley Hospital. Vanicky reportedly assaulted a West End firefighter while being pulled from his vehicle.

"I believe Christopher reacted that way because of the concussion he suffered during the accident," Defense Attorney John Waldron said Monday, requesting the judge take Vanicky's relatively clean background into consideration.

"I don't believe he would have acted that way otherwise," said Waldron.

Esther Jeppson, Ball's common-law wife, read a statement to the court, saying she has suffered emotionally and financially and asking the judge to impose the maximum sentence on Vanicky.

"Nothing could compensate for the void left in my heart and in the hearts of Darryl's four children," Jeppson said in her statement.

Cheslock agreed with Assistant District Attorney Mark Matthews that aggravating factors in this case warranted a stiffer sentence.

Those factors included the underage Vanicky driving drunk with a suspended license and having a blood alcohol content of 0.25--three times the legal limit.

Also considered were the three children injured.

Cheslock imposed a consecutive sentence for each charge, totaling 22 months minus a day to 52 months minus a day.

"These kinds of cases are always very distressing," the judge said.

"Nothing we can do can replace a life lost."

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Dont Forget the Archives

If you are new to this site, the last 15 posts are on the main page- the rest are in the archive section- dont forget to check them out.

Auto Alarm on Chipperfield Drive

Usualy I wont make mention of alarm calls but appears this one was dispatched at the home of FF Fred Rosado- I guess he tried to get up and cook some breakfast for the family but they like their eggs well done. Sorry Fred, you knew you wouldnt get away with this one.

Car Fire 9/23/05

After clearing from the MVA on 209 Station 43 was dispatched along with Station 23 for a working car fire on Meixell Valley Road. We sent 43-2-5 and 43-4-4. Vince Cefferello once again was a traitor and was first on scene with Station 23.

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Once again Vince smiles for the camera:
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If you look closely you can see Bob Geyer in 43-4-4 changing the radio station
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MVA on 209 9/23/05

Station 43 and West End BLS was dispatched to an MVA on Route 209 in front of the Dollar General in Brodheadsville. 2 Patients transported from this rear-ender. Station 43 assisted with patient care providing 3 EMT's and directing traffic.

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Here we see Vince and Frank-neither are shy of the camera
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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Explosion Call

Station 43 was toned out for an explosion in the area of Sugar Hollow Road- multple calls reported a loud explosion with someone seeing something on fire. Turns out some kids filled an in ground pool with gasoline and a bunch of other junk and set it on fire. The fire was put out by the homeowner.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Another wreck in front of Meadowbrook-9/15/05

Station 43 was dispatched to an early morning MVA on Route 209 in front of the Meadowbrook Diner with injuries. 43-S-1 went on scene and began patient care. 43-4-4 and 43-4-6 responded. Patient refused transport after being collared and almost boarded. One of the vehicles took out one of the support posts for the billboard. Sorry for the poor quality of the photos- it was foggy and I have been problems with my camera at night.

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Monday, September 12, 2005

RV Fire 9/12/05

Station 43 was dispacthed to an RV fire at the Chestnuthill Campground. 43-7 went on scene with 43-1-2 and confirmed the fire was out. 43-1-1,43-4-4 and 43-2-5 were cancelled enroute.

Busy day in the West End

The 4th anniversary if you call it that of 9/11 came and went. Station 43 had a busy day with two auto alarms, two MVA's and a possible dwelling fire in Sun Valley which turned out to be just a controlled burn, there was also a medical call or two thrown in there. No pictures, I wasnt at the MVA's and never got off the truck in Sun Valley.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Jonas Hotel Fire 9/3/05

Station 43 assisted Station 35- Polk Township for a working fire at the Jonas Hotel. Penn Forest 1 and 2 from Carbon County also responded with a crew and filled out the RIT assignment. The fire was contained to the kitchen area. There were some guests in the hotel at the time. A good stop was made to prevent the fire from extending into the dining area or the guest rooms
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Wires down on Astelot Road

Station 43 was toned out for a reported tree down in the roadway with wires down and possible still hot. 43-9-8 went on scene and found a half of a pine tree that had wires running through the middle of it. PP&L was called and shut down the power.
43-4-4 Blocks the road
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Yup, there is a tree in the road!!
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Look- I told you the road is closed!!
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43-9-8 on scene just in case a piece of grass gets out of line.
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